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raddar July 16th, 2015 04:16 PM

Connecting the STI Driver to a power bank

I´m using the detector with a motorcycle. Where I live those are always outlawed and I need to hide it from view. Therefore I keep the detector for example in my tank bag or saddle bag or even in my pocket. No need to try to hide cables to the bags etc. I also change bikes quite often and only need power for this thing, so I don´t want to install cigarette lighters to all of them for power.

For me it would be most convenient to use it with a power bank. The detector, as I have understood it doesn´t use alot of power. I could connect the rj11 cable to usb in power bank with an adaptor (usd 1 on ebay). I take it that this works for powet. I use bluetooth transmitter in the audiojack with bluetooth receiver in headphones.

Has anyone does this kind of power source arrangement? How many ampers/volts does the detector need to run and how much power does it use?

The convenience of this would be that I could even have both in my jacket/pants pockets.

Thanks for any ideas! If you come across such an adapter pls let me know!


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